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NHK2019 La parola a Massimiliano Ambesi

NHK2019 la parola a massimiliano ambesi

Ultimo post dedicato a NHK2019, questa volta si tratta di una semplice carrellata del materiale pubblicato da Massimiliano Ambesi riguardante solo o anche Yuzuru Hanyu.
Se sarà possibile in futuro proverò a tradurre tutto, ma per il momento non ne ho proprio il tempo, dovendo organizzare ancora tante cose per la Finale di Torino.
Dunque: NHK2019 La parola a Massimiliano Ambesi.

Questa raccolta racchiude sostanzialmente l’ultima settimana, 8 giorni, da mercoledì 20 novembre ad oggi, mercoledì 27 novembre.

  • 20 novembre: partiamo con il 6° appuntamento con “Ambesi Winter Corner” su OA Sport.

‘Ambesi winter corner’: “Luci e ombre per Evgenia Medvedeva, Alexandra Trusova e Shoma Uno”

  • 20 novembre: 5° puntata del podcast Kiss&Cry Reloaded, con Ambesi e Dolfini.
  • 21 novembre: Post su Facebook relativo alla prima practice.

English translation by Laura Giuliani.

Yuzuru HANYU is ready to face the last stage of Grand Prix in excellent physical condition. Although the jet lag, he appeared completely at ease in today’s training session.
During FP run-through, he completed an excellent quadruple rittberger, extremely improved compared to Skate Canada.
He completed quadruple jumps very easily.

  • 22 novembre: Post su Facebook relativo al Programma Corto.

English translation by Alessandra Montrucchio (only the part about Yuzu).

Yuzuru HANYU, playing at home at NHK Trophy, met everyone’s expectations and skated a stunningly beautiful SP. On the ice of Makomanai Ice Arena in Sapporo, a venue historically friendly to him, he nailed his nth top class performance, despite missing his season’s best by only a few hundredths of a point. The Japanese ace staked a claim already on his fourth victory at NHK Trophy, since he was able to skate at the same level as in October, at the triumphant Skate Canada. According to the judges, if compared to other performances, Hanyu missed a bit of quality in some spins; even the 4T3T combination could have been better. 4S, 3A and StSq, however, were worth the ticket price. Hanyu, by now perfectly at ease on the notes of “Otonal”, has a nearly 18-point lead over Kevin Aymoz.

  • 22 novembre: Post su Facebook relativo all’Axel di Yuzuru.

  • 23 novembre: Post su Facebook relativo alla qualificazione di Yuzu alla Finale di Torino.

Translation by Laura Giuliani.

For the second consecutive year, Yuzuru HANYU won the Grand Prix qualifying phase. In Turin he will take part at the seventh final of his career (eight if he had not been forced to give up last season).

The American Nathan Chen will be present for the fourth time in his career, while for the Chinese Jin Boyang will be the second final since the one in 2015.

The Russians Alexander Samarin and Dmtri Aliev and the French Kevin Aymoz have never been present in any Grand Prix final.

Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen won the last six finals disputed. The Japanese won the first four finals, while the American, with the absence of Hanyu, won the last two.


1) [1 | 1] 627.64 – HANYU Yuzuru (JPN)
2) [1 | 1] 596.25 – CHEN Nathan (USA)
3) [2 | 1] 529.55 – SAMARIN Alexander (RUS)
4) [3 | 2] 513.43 – ALIEV Dmitri (RUS)
5) [3 | 2] 504.66 – AYMOZ Kevin (FRA)
6) [6 | 1] 486.51 – JIN Boyang (CHN)
7) [2 | 5] 508.97 – NAM Nguyen (CAN)
8) [2 | 5] 486.36 – BROWN Jason (USA)
9) [3 | 5] 483.64 – TANAKA Keiji (JPN)

Everyone, vote your favorite skater among the six finalists
(put like under the pictures)

  • 23 novembre: Post su Facebook relativo alla vittoria di Yuzu.

English translation by Charlotte Lorean.

Yuzuru HANYU (305.05) conquered his fourth success in his career at the NHK Trophy, and the 12th in the Grand Prix series, GPFs included.

The Japanese Ace, who already won on the Makonomai Arena in Sapporo in 2016, has gone over 300 points for the second time in this season, winning the qualification phase leaving all the others behind. Moreover, today Hanyu got his 20th podium in a Grand Prix, a threshold that only Evgeni Plushenko could cross winning 28 times.

In the free skate, once he missed the quad toeloop + euler + triple flip combo (as he opened the toeloop in the flight phase), Hanyu let his improvisation skills free, and he offered, out of thin air, as last two elements the quad toeloop + triple toeloop and the triple axel + euler + triple salchow combos, the latter always a dear one to him in difficult moments.

The positive news from Sapporo, athletic condition aside, is represented by the percentage of success of the quad jumps: 100%, quad loop included. Moreover, differently to what had happened during the short program, all the spin elements were well done.

The two-times olympic champion preceeded the newcomer Kevin Aymoz (250.02) by a bit more than 55 points. Aymoz, besides getting his best result in career in a Grand Prix, is getting France back to the men single final after nine years.

With a big surprise, the third place went to the Canadian 20-year-old Roman SADOVSKY (247.50), owner of the second score of the free skate, where he completed with merit two quad salchows and two triple axels.

The six Grand Prix Finalist are Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), Nathan Chen (USA), Alexander Samarin (RUS), Dmitri Aliev (RUS), Kevin Aymoz (FRA) and Boyang Jin (CHN) with Nam Nguyen (CAN) as first substitute.

  • 23 novembre: un po’ di statistiche.

English translation by Laura Giuliani.

Yuzuru HANYU, thanks to the victory in the NHK Trophy, entered the restricted group of athletes able to get on the podium at least 20 times, in the Grand Prix competitions, including the finals.

The ranking is led by couple skaters, specialties in which longevity is greater.

33 [22 | 07 | 04] Shen / Zhao (37 participation)
33 [22 | 04 | 07] Savchenko (38)
32 [12 | 13 | 07] Zhang Hao (45)
32 [10 | 14 | 08) Pang / Tong (41)
31 [17 | 07 | 07] Slutskaia (33)
28 [22 | 05 | 01] Plushenko (30)
28 [18 | 03 | 07] Szolkowy (28)
25 [08 | 10 | 07] Petrova / Tikhonov (33)
24 [13 | 08 | 03] Anissina / Peizerat (24)
23 [15 | 06 | 02] Asada (32)
22 [10 | 08 | 04] Zhang Dan (28)
21 [14 | 07 | 00] Virtue / Moir (23)
21 [11 | 05 | 05] Berezhnaya Elena (22)
20 [12 | 08 | 00] Hanyu (25)
20 [05 | 08 | 07] Pechalat / Bourzat (30)

  • 23 novembre: Considerazioni post-gara. 

  • 24 novembre: primati e curiosità di NHK2019. 

  • 27 novembre: Settimo appuntamento con “Ambesi Winter Corner” su OA Sport.

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  • 27 novembre: 6° puntata del podcast “Kiss&Cry Reloaded”, con Ambesi e Dolfini.

Con questo, scrivo la parola FINE alla tappa di Grand Prix dell’NHK Trophy 2019. Non aprirò altri post sull’argomento. Ciò non toglie che questi verranno comunque aggiornati se necessario!
Vi ricordo che QUI trovate l’indice di tutti i post sulla gara!

Mi raccomando, se lo desiderate… non esitate a lasciare un commento!

Alla prossima, ciao ciao!

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  1. “L’onnipotenza tecnica che sposa l’eccellenza artistica. Semplicemente YuzuruHanyu”

    Direi che Ambesi con queste parole ha ben riassunto e non si può che essere d’accordo con lui..senza contare che, come detto nei commenti a un suo post, bastano i risultati a parlare chiaro per Yuzuru..

  2. Quality, precision and finesse of movement on the ice brand Yuzuru Hanyu
    in a word!
    Magic on ice, crazy viewers, fans in ecstasy and I said everything!
    Victory in Turin! It,s unstoppable!


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