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29 ottobre: SCI2019 – La parola a Massimiliano Ambesi (with English Translations)

SCI2019 la parola a massimiliano ambesi

Ciao a tutti!
Ulteriore articolo della serie SCI2019, dedicato questa volta ai post che Massimiliano Ambesi, commentatore di Eurosport Italia per svariate discipline invernali tra cui il Pattinaggio di Figura, ha scritto riguardo la prestazione di Yuzuru nella competizione che si è appena conclusa.

Proverò ad aggiungere la traduzione inglese, con un po’ di pazienza.
Buona lettura!
I will try to add the translations of all the posts of this page. Enjoy!

QUESTA è la Pagina Facebook di Massimiliano Ambesi.


English Translation by Alessandra Montrucchio.

In order to win Skate Canada, Yuzuru HANYU chose to use the best elements of his arsenal and skated an astoundingly beautiful run-through of his SP. Each element was performed with disarming ease, overcoming the concept of perfection itself. All quadruple and triple jumps were so smooth and easy that they looked like doubles. 4S(+5), 3A(+5), x4T+3T(+5). The highest score possible with the present layout is 116,77. I’d say that, if this performance had been the real SP, we wouldn’t be much far away from that limit. For the rest, we ran out of adjectives…


English translation by me.

Do you remember the question that was formulated during the first episode of the “Kiss & Cry Reloaded” podcast, about Hanyu’s strategy to beat Chen and what is going through his mind?
(…/talk…/kiss-cry-reloaded-puntata-1 )Nymphea san has made available to us the translation of a Japanese article in which Yuzuru talks about that.“I was fighting against the intense image of Nathan who had defeated me at Worlds. I was fighting against his ghost, of which I myself had increased the value. All this gave me a kind of anxiety, but now I calmed down. Let’s say I feel quieter”Hanyu, long time struggling with the regret for the second place achieved in the World Championships, has matured the decision not to change the layout of his programs, but to work to achieve perfection.
It was not an easy journey, because even during the Autumn Classic International in mid-September his thought always went to Nathan Chen, which destabilized him.

The real breakthrough came after the American’s clear victory at Skate America: “I thought it was better to think of myself and my skating. I am convinced that I have weapons at my disposal, which he doesn’t have”.

Yuzuru has overcome the obsession of landing quadruple Lutz and quadruple Axel as soon as possible, finding a renewed balance: “Right now, the priority is not on landing the 4 Lutz or any other difficult jump.  What matters is that I qualify for the GP Final, and before this, I must win at Skate Canada. “.


English translation by Laura Giuliani.

Yuzuru HANYU (109.60) placed a serious mortgage on his first success at Skate Canada, by dominating the short program. On the ice of the “Prospera Place” in Kelowna, the two-time Olympic champion broke the barrier of 109.50 points -never reached by other skaters- for the sixth time in his career, inflicting a gap of over twenty points to the most immediate pursuer.
Obviously, all the seasonal records -for the SP- have fallen, both the technical score and the components of the program.
The Japanese champion has performed in a few seconds a flawless quadruple Salchow and triple Axel and, with some small trouble, he had the ability to complete even the combination quadruple Toeloop + triple Toeloop in the second half of the program. It remains the regret for a level lost on the step sequence, but the performance was, in any case, more than convincing and almost with the absolute perfection shown in training.
Hanyu collected 109.60 points of 116.77 available


English Translation by Massimiliano Ambesi

The Anthology of the Triple Axel

+1)  Very good height and length
+1)  Perfect take-off and landing
+1) Effortless
+1) Very difficult and creative entry
+1) Very good body position
+1)  Element matches the music
GOE+6 = simply perfection for all judges (who gave +5), except one (+4).

GOE – 0.8×5 = 4 (the computer removes the highest and the lowest)
Total score of that element = 12

Basically, Yuzuru HANYU gave a free lesson to all of us humans on how to make the Perfect Triple Axel in a competition.
This is not the first time it happened, it will not be the last.

English translation by me.

In the first part of the 2019-2020 season, eight skaters managed to get more than ninety points in the short program. At the moment, Yuzuru HANYU is the first in line for both TES and PCS.

109.60 (61.13 | 48.47) – HANYU Yuzuru
102.71 (56.21 | 46.50) – CHEN Nathan
101.49 (58.19 | 43.30) – ALIEV Dmitri
101.09 (60.44 | 40.65) – JIN Boyang
096.34 (51.66 | 44.68) – MESSING Keegan
094.76 (50.11 | 44.65) – AYMOZ Kevin
092.81 (51.89 | 40.92) – YAMAMOTO Sota
092.28 (47.60 | 44.68) – ONE Shoma

If we talk about the 100 point barrier, in the history of the discipline on 46 occasions a skater managed to get more than 100. The first to reach this goal was Yuzuru HANYU in the 2014 Olympic Games. After him, eight other skaters succeeded.

112.72 (64.17 | 48.55) – HANYU Yuzuru [11 times over 100]
109.05 (60.79 | 48.26) – FERNANDEZ Javier [7 times]
107.40 (60.98 | 46.42) – CHEN Nathan [8 times]
104.87 (59.17 | 45.70) – ONE Shoma [10 times]
103.32 (60.27 | 43.05) – JIN Boyang [3 times]
103.13 (59.63 | 43.50) – KOLYADA Mikhail [3 times]
102.13 (54.11 | 48.02) – CHAN Patrick [1 time]
101.49 (58.19 | 43.30) – ALIEV Dmitri [1 time]
100.51 (57.30 | 43.21) – ZHOU Vincent [2 times]

Who will be the next?


English Translation by Alessandra Montrucchio.


Yuzuru HANYU (322.59) has debunked the taboo of success in Skate Canada, winning it for the first time in his career after three consecutive second places. Moreover, for the first time, he finally imposed himself in the second stage of the Grand Prix on the calendar.
To leave no stone unturned, the Japanese champion has decided to raise the volume of the radio by showing off two wonderful performances.
After dominating the short program, he repeated himself in the FS in which he completed four quadruple and five triple jumps, including the unusual combination quadruple toeloop + euler + triple flip, which from today will be forever associated with his name.
Supported by an athletic condition clearly superior to all the competitions from 2018 onwards, including the Olympic Games, he was able to reproduce that perfect synthesis between technical omnipotence and artistic excellence, which belongs to him alone. Not surprisingly, the Kelowna public supported him from the first to the last second with the hope that “Origin” would never end.
Even if there could be improvement margins, especially on the landing of some jump elements, the two-time Olympic champion has been able to improve every seasonal record, TES or PCS, Short or Free, makes no difference.
On this occasion, he also inflicted the highest margin in history to the runner-up, improving another record, he already owned. The margin has gone from 55.97 points of the NHK Trophy 2015 (Nagano) to 59.82 points of Skate Canada 2019.


English Translation by Alessandra Montrucchio.

Yuzuru HANYU is not only an oustanding ace with an extraordinary list of achievements, but since the beginning he’s an innovator as well. He belongs to that very rare cathegory of athletes always challenging themselves, and he always tries and raise the bar introducing something different, sometimes even dangerous.Victories aside, he will go down in history as the first skater to perform in competition a long list of elements, even if it meant – at least at the beginning of his career – to risk a lot. Over time, though, he was able to perfect and bring to excellence every element.

* 30/09/2016 – Autumn Classic International, SP: he jumps the first 4Lo in history

* 04/11/2018 – Helsinki Grand Prix, FS: he jumps the sequence 4T+3A+SEQ

* 26/10/2019 – Skate Canada, FS: he jumps the combo 4T+single Lo+3F

He was also the one in ages to exceptionally brush up a few elements performed by some great skaters of the past, when the elements were classified in a slightly different way.

* (21/04/2017) World Team Trophy, FS: he jumps the combo 4T+single Lo+3S, the only skater jumping it before Hanyu being Alexei Yagudin.

It has yet to be determined whether he’s been the first to correctly jump the combo 3A+single Lo+3S. He performed this element for the first time on the 08 of November 2014 at the Cup of China,a few minutes after suffering a concussion…


English Translation by Costanza Bonelli.
(this is her Facebook Page: Costanza Bonelli – A Passion for Translation )Yuzuru HANYU and Alexandra TRUSOVA try a Quad Toeloop side by side, made with the expected quality and with a more than surprising unison that goes a long way to tell us about their familiarity with this not-easy element.
In the various interviews given after the triumphant competition of Skate Canada, the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist spent quite a few commenting the new course in the ladies figure skating, where triple Axels and quad Toeloops are going from being the exception to almost the normality.
“I’m observing carefully what happens in the ladies skating “, Hanyu said, “Ladies have a different physical structure and less strength than men, but I don’t find it surprising that they can easily jump quads and triple Axels. They created a sort of new jumping system, that I’m studying carefully to learn the way it works. I have a very similar physical structure too, I’m pretty thin/fragile and I jump without a big use of strength too. This is the reason why I’m trying to take the ladies as a sort of reference “.
During the interview, Hanyu named, besides Alexandra Trusova, also Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaia, Alena Kanysheva and Kamila Valieva, and each one of them is an Eteri Tutberidze’s student, someone for longer, someone more recently.


‘Ambesi winter corner’: “Bentornati sul Pianeta Hanyu! Yuzuru ristabilisce le gerarchie”

English translation by me:


English translation by @anjaheyheyhey.


Anche per oggi è tutto.
Stanno iniziando ad uscire i magazine incentrati su Skate Canada, ovviamente colmi di materiale su Yuzu.
Probabilmente il prossimo post sarà una lista aggiornata con tutti i titoli in uscita.

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