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4CC2020 La parola a Massimiliano Ambesi

4cc2020 la parola a massimiliano ambesi

Come ormai purtroppo sappiamo, il network francese Eurosport non si è aggiudicato i diritti televisivi per il pattinaggio di figura, validi per l’intera stagione 2019-2020 e, dunque, nessuno dei canali Eurosport ha potuto trasmettere le gare come invece accadeva da tanti anni.
Questo per gli appassionati di pattinaggio italiani ha significato dover rinunciare alla telecronaca puntuale e competente di Massimiliano Ambesi e Angelo Dolfini.

Nonostante ciò, non siamo rimasti completamente orfani, in quanto nel corso di tutta la stagione Massimiliano e Angelo hanno condiviso sui social i loro pareri, le loro considerazioni e le loro preziose spiegazioni sulla materia.

In particolare Max è molto presente sui social e anche in questa occasione dei 4CC2020 non ha fatto mancare costanti aggiornamenti ed approfondimenti online.

Il post di oggi è una raccolta dei suoi tweet sull’argomento, dei post pubblicati sulla sua Pagina Facebook, su Instagram ed eventuali articoli e video, per ripercorrere insieme a lui l’intera settimana di gara di Yuzuru Hanyu.

Una premessa: i fans giapponesi possono trovare gli interventi di Max tradotti in lingua giapponese  da Nymphea sul suo blog:
Benvenuti sul Pianeta Hanyu!
Grazie a Nymphea per tutto il suo lavoro!

Cominciamo dalla fine dell’anno scorso, dall’annuncio ufficiale da parte della JSF, giunto come di consueto al termine dei Campionati Nazionali Giapponesi, degli atleti che avrebbero rappresentato/rappresenteranno il Paese nelle competizioni della seconda metà della stagione: 4 Continenti, Mondiali Junior e Mondiali.
Come sappiamo, Yuzuru è stato inserito nella delegazione di entrambi gli eventi senior.

22 dicembre

24 dicembre 2019

English translation by Alessandra Montrucchio

Yuzuru HANYU decided to give the figure skating universe a much appreciated Christmas gift: a new interpretation of a program that with full right is now part of the history of this sport.

It was almost an improvised choice, and yet, for this very reason, even richer in emotional implications. A lived-in, heartfelt interpretation of a music theme that will be forever strongly linked to Hanyu’s name.

Seimei 3.0 is the best business card for the Four Continents Championships, the next competition of the season, which will be held at the beginning of February. In Seoul, Yuzuru HANYU will try for the nth time to make history, conquering the only trophy he still misses in his rich collection and therefore becoming the first man in figure skating’s history to win every and any existent junior and senior prize.


 22 gennaio

1 febbraio

3 febbraio

4 febbraio

English translation by @ApassionforTranslation (please, go visit also her tumblr blog !)

Yuzuru HANYU didn’t take part to the first official practice of the Four Continents Championship, and, unless something new comes up, he should miss the second one too.

Looking at the collocation and choice of the elements, he is presenting completely revised programs compared to the past. The impression is that the positioning and the choice of the elements has been done in order to maximize the quality and to earn as many points as possible on the GOE.

Regarding the short program (Chopin Ballade No. 1), the 3A is put in Bonus Zone, instead of the 4T+3T combo, and the sitspin with change of foot (CSSp) goes in the second half, compared to the Olympic version.

4S, 4T+3T, x3A
Base Value – 45.8 (BV+Max Goe 66.2)
Max score available – 116.20

The free skate (Seimei 3.0), because of the new rules compared to the 2017-2018 season (the program is 30 seconds shorter and there’s one less jump), can be considered never seen before.

There are a lot of changes, both regarding jumps and spins, as we have here a flying camel spin with change foot (FCCSp). In particular, the first triple Axel is made as third jump element, a positioning that lets us imagine future developments.
It is, in any case, likely that this is a work in progress version.

4Lz, 4S, 3A, 3F, x4T+3T, x4T+1Eu+3S, x3A+2T
Base Value – 92.63 (BV+Max Goe 132.93)
Max score available– 232,93

P.S. It is still to be understood if both lay-outs will be confirmed on the field, considered that there are frequently mistakes in the communications.

Lo stesso video su Dailymotion

5 febbraio

English translation by Alessandra Montrucchio.

Yuzuru Hanyu, who landed yesterday in Seoul to take part in the 4CC, today was at the second practice session.

Strangely enough, he spent the first ten minutes doing only a couple of jumps, focusing on some choreographic details, and skating freely [not performing parts of his programs].

Before the SP run-through he jumped 3A, 4T+3T, 3Lz, 4Lz (fall), 4S.

In his SP run-through (Chopin Ballade No. 1), he skillfully saved the opening 4S, since he was a bit off-axis, then he completed easily the combination 4T+3T (he jumped it very well several times throughout the practice) and the 3A.

In the second half of the session, he landed also the combination 4T+eu+3S and the 4Lz. Moreover, he performed several moments of his free skate.

The overall impression was surely positive, even if he didn’t try too hard and looked in absolute control.

Articolo/intervista a Massimiliano su OASport, di cui una parte dedicata al pattinaggio e a Yuzuru Hanyu.
“Ambesi Winter Corner”

“Yuzuru Hanyu cerca risposte e record nei Campionati dei Quattro Continenti” ‘Ambesi Winter Corner’

Traduzione in Spagnolo dell’intervista

6 febbraio

7 febbraio


English translation by @ApassionforTranslation (please, go visit also her tumblr blog!)

Translation of Massimiliano Ambesi’s post on the short program!!

Yuzuru HANYU (111.82) put forward a good deposit on the first success in career in the Four Continents Chaimpionship, the only trophee missing on his royal wall.

The Japanese Ace dominated the first segment of the competition, bringing back for the occasion a reviewed and updated version of the legendary short program on Chopin Ballade No.1, that represents a cornerstone in the history of this sport.

HANYU impeccably executed every single jump element, opening his skate with the usual quad Salchow, followed by a stunningly beautiful combination jump quad Toeloop + triple Toeloop and by a hugely difficult triple Axel with we saw a comeback of the old entrance.

The performance put out on the ice of the Waikiki Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul has given him the new World Record with the new rules. Besides, in this season, the two times Olympic champion has the best technical score (63.42, today) and the higher result on the program components (48.47, Skate Canada).

It’s objectively difficult to do better, although there are still some doubt son the evaluations of the program components.

Runner up, a good Chinese Boyang JIN (95.83), able to save with his experience the jump combination quad Lutz – triple toeloop (the element worth most points in the competition) and the triple Axel. The temporary podium is completed by the American Jason BROWN (94.71), impeccable in his skate without quadruple jumps, and today even better than usual in his triple Axel.

It’s important to stress that six skaters got more than 90 points, included the young Japanese Yuma KAGIYAMA (91.61), fifth in his international debut in the senior category.

English translation by @ApassionforTranslation (please, go visit also her tumblr blog!)

For the sixth time in a short program of an international competition, Yuzuru HANYU got more than 110 points, a threshold only one other athlete in the sport could surpass.

As of today, nine skaters have got at least 100 points in the short program. Yuzuru HANYU has been the first to break the wall in 2014 and at the moment he has every kind of record both TES and PCS.

112.72 Hanyu (13 times over 100 points)

110.38 Chen (10)
109.05 Fernandez (7)
104.87 Uno (10)
103.32 Jin (3)
103.13 Kolyada (3)
102.13 Chan (1)
101.49 Aliev (1)
100.51 Zhou (2)

Welcome to PLANET HANYU, residents, one: HIM!

English translation by @ApassionforTranslation (please, go visit also her tumblr blog!)

In the short program of the Four continents Championship, Yuzuru HANYU got 111.82 points on 116.20 available with the technical content he presented.

TES 63.42 on 66.20

PCS 48.40 in 50.00

In this instance, the average on each single element of the program component has been 9.68, with skating skills and transitions “underestimated” compared to the rest, as confirmed by the fact that the few “TENS” awarded arrived in performance (2), composition (1) and interpretation (2).

Objectively, considering the quality of today’s performance and the criteria with which the competitions of the recent past have been judged, in primis the Grand Prix final, it wouldn’t have been amiss to be a bit more generous with the scores.

This said, the true doubt is about the GOE of the three jump elements presented, in succession 4S, 4T+3T, 3A. Hanyu went very close to the maximum score available, but didn’t get it.

Considering each jump, what was missing?

 + 1 very good height and very good length

 + 1 good take-off and landing

 + 1 effortless throughout (including rhythm in Jump combination)

 + 1 steps before the jump, unexpected or creative entry

 + 1 very good body position from take-off to landing

 + 1 element matches the music

The debate is open.

8 febbraio

9 febbraio

English translation by @ApassionforTranslation (please, go visit also her tumblr blog!)

The Waikiki Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul was the scene of the latest of Yuzuru HANYU’s sport endeavours, winner, for the first time in his career, of the Four Contintents Champaionship.

The success has been beyond significative because it allowed him to complete the so-called “SUPERSLAM”, becoming the first Single men skater to win everything he could both in Junior and Senior major competitions.

To give an idea of the greatness and of the agonistic longevity of the Japanese Ace, it is sufficient to highlight that it’s already been nine years since the first podium he got in the 4CC in 2011.

Today’s program wasn’t a bed of roses. The quadruple Lutz, made impeccably in the warm-up, was completed with a sort of step-out and putting a hand on the ice. Moreover, both quadruple Toeloops gave some problems, as the first was saved fighting tooth and nail, while the second, with a barely sufficient rotation, ended in a fall. The other jump elements were executed impeccably, with a bonus mention for the quadruple Salchow and the two triple Axels, the second of those in combination with a triple Toeloop. There’s still a doubt on the call for unclear edge in the triple flip, that was completed without any problem.

Taking into consideration that the program was “put together” in few weeks, today’s result is more than satisfying, but, it will be necessary to improve the physical condition in order to raise the bar.

Hanyu missed the total 300 points for a few cents, going above 290 point for the 16th time, which had never happened before.

Runner up, with the highest score in his career, we have Jason BROWN (274.82), who was able to complete eight triple jumps, included well-made Axels for him. The USA athlete also got the highest score of the day in the program components.

Japanese Yuma KAGIYAMA’s (270.61) performance can’t go unnoticed, third at his international debut in a senior competition. The sixteen-year-old, born in the trade, executed two high quality quadruple Toeloops, adding seven triple jumps, included two Axels.

KAGIYAMA preeceded by a hair-breadth the Chinese Boyang JIN (267.67), that missed two of the four planned quadruples, and the Korean Junhwan CHA (265.43), penalized for some jumps with not quite sufficient rotation, but who was able to skate a qualitative high first part of the Free skate.

Yuzuru HANYU gave to Japan the 8th success in the Men Single of the Four Continents Championship, one more than Canada.

English translation by Alessandra Montrucchio.

In his glorious, more than ten years career, Yuzuru HANYU has created many, unforgettable masterpieces.

Of course, it will always be hard to choose just one of them, but when a free skate is involved, it’s hard not to think of the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki and of “Hope and Legacy”.

It was an extraordinary performance that acquired a legendary aura, what with the emotional implications of such a crucial moment and competition.

At the 4CC Gala exhibition, HANYU, right after completing the “SuperSlam”, had a brilliant idea: bringing back a revised version of “Hope and Legacy”. Our mind went back to March 2017, with goose-bumps all over as unavoidable outcome.

An outstandingly beautiful performance, to be savored from top to bottom.

Traduzione in Spagnolo

12 febbraio

Articolo/intervista a Massimiliano su OASport, di cui una parte dedicata al pattinaggio e a Yuzuru Hanyu.
“Ambesi Winter Corner”

“Yuzuru Hanyu è l’atleta della settimana negli sport invernali. Il parallelo? Aboliamolo!” ‘Ambesi Winter Corner’

Traduzione in inglese della parte su Yuzuru.

Puntata di Poligono 360, parte dedicata a Yuzuru Hanyu (con sottotitoli in Inglese)


Un grazie immenso a Max, che nonostante tutti gli ostacoli commerciali e televisivi di questa stagione continua ad arricchire la nostra esperienza di appassionati di pattinaggio e fans di Hanyu con la sua competenza e professionalità.

A proposito: proprio ieri Massimiliano ha vinto il contest online “Microfono d’oro-Bis” come “miglior commentatore tecnico sportivo” del panorama video-televisivo, indetto da Sport in Media.
Congratulazioni a Max e grazie a tutti coloro che lo hanno votato, aiutando così anche gli appassionati di pattinaggio di figura a dimostrare che ci sono, che sono numerosi, presenti, attenti e attivi!

Alla prossima!!
Mi raccomando, se ne avete voglia lasciate un commento!!
Ciao ciao!

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